Our Volunteers

“I’m a part of The Taylor Strong Project because Taylor was a very close friend of mine! I’m also a big supporter of our veterans and law enforcement! They are here for me and my country, so I’m here to support them!”
Kimberlei Wunder
“I am disabled and a Veteran, and was feeling pretty low when I discovered the Taylor Strong Project. Looking for a purpose. In remembering my Grandfather's words, "If you are feeling down and want to feel better about yourself, go do something you feel good about doing.” So I asked how I could help!”
Cameron King
“I volunteer with The Taylor Strong Project because I believe in their mission statement and want to help make a positive impact in this community.”
James Labish
“I have done other volunteer work, but after loosing my brother in law to PTSD and watching my nieces learn to live without their dad the TSP mission statement spoke to my heart. I’m excited to watch this non profit grow and hope to spend many years by their side.”
Jennifer Williams
“As a firefighter and Vice President of Axemen MC Washington Chapter 1, I believe in philanthropy as much as I do brotherhood. Giving back is part of belonging whether it’s my club, my profession or part of society.”
Dave Ferguson
“I volunteer with The Taylor Strong Project because they strive to help First Responders and Veteran organizations, as well as educate the younger generation about the importance of Patriotism. I want to be involved in a group that helps organizations that I believe in.”
Gretchen Labish
“I volunteered for The Taylor Strong Project because I believe in the importance of knowing our Country’s history. Part of the TSP mission is to INFORM and INSPIRE others. America’s past is full of those types of stories.”
Drew King
“I wanted to be a part of The Taylor Strong Project because the more I listened and the more I learned about the mission, I realized how much I valued the importance of our Veterans & First Responders. I wanted to be a part of a valued group who is determined to help others.”
Machen Messerschmidt