2nd Annual Live With Honor and Service with Pride

2nd Annual
Live With Honor and Serve with Pride

Music Festival & Charity Event

Saturday July 27 2019
26433 W. Highway 53
Post Falls, ID

The Taylor Strong Project was formed in September of 2017 in honor of an inspiring, patriotic millennial and First Responder in the making, Taylor Parkins.  The lives that Taylor touched in the 20 short years here on earth is remarkable and should be celebrated.  She loved our Country and those that served our country, Active Military, Veterans and First Responders.  Little did she know she was writing her own legacy.

We are committed to making a difference and committed to give back to our country's finest Hero's and Honorables.  All proceeds from events and merchandise sales will be given to local, First Responder charities and organizations.  

The mission is simple, our patriotism is loyal, and our gratitude is endless.

To HONOR and support those who protect our nation and her people.

To INSPIRE partiotism, service, and the passion to give back to those that serve.

To INFORM the next generation of leaders the importance of our country's future and the values and traditions in which we were built upon.

The Talent


Joining us for a 2nd year, Florida-based, independent band, BLACKBIRD ANTHEM, is on a mission to help revive original southern rock music while giving back to the military veteran community. Founded by lead singer and songwriter, Adam C. Martin, the band creates a sound reminiscent to the age of vinyl where country, rock, and blues merged somewhere below the Mason-Dixon line. Their gift for channeling raw emotion into lyrics, coupled with passionate performances provide fans with an experience of the grit, beauty, and pride of America.


Back with us again for

The Taylor Strong Project’s 2nd Annual


Dave Bray is a Us Navy Veteran. He served in the Navy as an 8404 FMF Corpsman for the 2nd Battalion/2nd Marines,      (STA PLT), stationed out of Camp Lejeune, NC.

Dave is a full time touring musician, singer and songwriter.

Dave has performed all over the world and has dedicated his musical career to supporting U.S. Veterans, Active Duty Military, Fire, Police and First Responders.


Dee Rock is one of Nashville’s finest. A talented singer & amazing songwriter who has performed all over the world with artists such as Sheila E, and Lenny Kravitz, among many others. His music is inspiring and uplifting, and has a great Patriotic soul. Dee has been nominated for various awards, and taken home quite a few including the 2018 Josie Music Award for Male Artist of the Year!  Well known in the South for topping charts and spreading his positive attitude, The Taylor Strong Project is thrilled to share him with the great Pacific Northwest….


Sydney Martin – Back with us again this year, Sydney is a young patriot with an angelic voice.  A self-taught singer and ukulele player, she sings with the praise and worship team at her church and occasionally with her father, Adam Martin of Blackbird Anthem. Sydney is currently completing her last year of high school and a collegiate level medical program.  She has even professionally recorded an EP – “Renditions” showcasing a couple songs for The Taylor Strong Project.


Anthony is another local favorite that  won’t disappoint!  Lead vocals and guitar for Spokane’s very own – UPRIVER DRIVE – With an eclectic acoustic vibe,  it isn’t a surprise to hear hints of Tom Petty and John Mellencamp.  He not only performs  with heart and soul, but passionately believes  in giving back to those who serve.  The Taylor Strong Project is honored to welcome Anthony Williams to this year’s event.


Established in 2007, The Ryan Larsen Band is a multi-award winning Country Rock band in the Spokane Washington area playing music in the vein of Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean, Toby Keith, Eric Church and others. With an emphasis on high energy live performances,  they will provide an awesome performance that’s sure to get the crowd going.  Check them out at our 2nd Annual: LIVE WITH HONOR AND SERVE WITH PRIDE – MUSIC FESTIVAL AND CHARITY EVENT on Saturday July 27, 2019


Aside from his corporate and charitable activities, Bob Rich is an amazing musician.  Currently playing with “Da’Loris”  & “This Is Now”.  Bob is an alumni musician that has rocked the stage with Dave Bray USA, Blues Travelers, The Tubes, The Ramones, Tears For Fears, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Fog Hat and Ted Nugent, just to name a few.  Currently, Bob is playing with Michael Hund and the band “Widowmaker” at the Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame, and if that weren’t enough, he’s even endorsed by Revo Guitar Straps.

Taylor Strong Event Sponsors

The Foundations


SOWW (Special Operations Wounded Warriors) provides outdoor experiences for Veterans.  They provide therapeutic retreats to a select group of both active duty and veteran U.S. Military Special Operations Forces, that have received wounds (seen and unseen) in battle or significant training accidents.  Most Veterans chosen have been awarded our Country’s prestigious Purple Heart Medal.


It is the belief and mission of SOWW to make a difference in the life of a service member who has chosen to put their safety at risk while defending our freedoms.  They pay not only a physical and mental price during their service to our Country; while others have paid the ultimate price, for their fellow man.  


This year, SOWW lost an amazing Veteran , U.S. Navy SEAL Master Chief (Ret.) Ronald Bellan (aka: Reaper 01) of Reaper Outdoors.  Ron was a friend to many, and a great warrior of our Country.  Ron attended the retreats as a mentor to other veterans and touched every life of those he met.  SOWW is committed to carrying the torch that Ron has now entrusted in them, and will continue to build the program and provide our wounded warriors a chance to heal from their challenges, and most importantly to save lives…Master Chief Ron Bellan was a huge supporter of The Taylor Strong Project and we are honored to have chosen SOWW as this years Veteran Charity.


Since the formation in 1998, The original Axemen Motorcycle Club has been available to working and retired IAFF members.

As of today, there are 29 Chapters in 13 states.  The Axemen are a group of  amazing patriots that share the Brotherhood of both Firefighting and Motorcycling and the traditions that come with both. The Axemen MC Washington is the ONLY chapter in the state and on the West Coast.


Axemen MC Washington are an amazing group of firefighters that continue to give and save lives even when they are not on the clock.  They have put on many successful events  locally for some really good causes.  Including the well known “Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Ride” raising money for local OIF/OEF Veterans and for the Anna Schindler Foundation, a non-profit formed to assist families of children with cancer.


The Taylor Strong Project chose Axemen as one of our  honored foundations because we believe in what they do, and their passion for the First Responder and Veteran community.  With the proceeds received from this event, The Axemen will share amongst the charities that they continue support and contribute to.


The world of first responders is a rapidly changing environment.  Police are under increasing risk of death and injury.  Stressors for first responders are at an all-time high and at the same time, chaplains are being challenged with providing care and support in these increasingly difficult environments.  Sadly, chaplains are a fairly disparate group throughout the nation when they are needed more than ever.  WSCF provides Chaplaincy care & support for WSP 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and are always on call.  WSCF is made of all volunteers and funded 100% through donations. 


The mission of the NPFCA is to equip chaplains with highly valuable skills from experienced faculty so they can return to their agencies and provide the most effective care and support possible.  Many chaplains are not trained and do not have the skills needed provide First Responders with the care they deserve.

The Academy currently offers two, 1 week certification courses per year.  However, with more funding, the academy will be able to offer more training, recertification classes, and support. 

We are excited to announce that NPFCA will be starting a scholarship in honor of Taylor – The Taylor Parkins Scholarship Fund.  All monies raised for NPFCA will go towards the scholarshi[p and will be awarded to Chaplains needing assistance for the academy’s Chaplaincy Training.  We are so honored to have this scholarship named after Taylor.  Thank You NPFCA

Supporting First Responders is a Chaplains #1 focus.  All trainers and teachers are 100% Volunteer at the Academy and the Academy is only funded through donations.  Don’t the First Responders of our community deserve to get the support so badly needed?  Without a solid support system, and the proper assistance, the number of suicides, depression, and PTSD will continue to increase within the First Responder community.  The Taylor Strong Project strongly supports and believes in the impact a Chaplain can make to an Officer, Firefighter, a Veteran and is proud to have chosen Chaplain services as one of the foundations we will be raising money for. 


Each year First Responders across Kootenai County join together and volunteer their time to make the Holidays extra special for those in need.

The Holidays & Heroes Program is an annual event that takes place in December and is completely funded through donations and all officers and first responders volunteer their time to make the event special.  Here’s  how it works….

Each child is paired with a uniformed police officer or firefighter.  The child gets to ride with their partner in a patrol cruiser, fire truck, or other emergency response vehicle to the Post Falls or Hayden location WalMarts. Each child is given an allowance in the form of a gift card to purchase gifts for their families. Meanwhile, ‘secret shoppers’ purchase gifts for the sponsored child to be surprised with later that day. 

After the shopping adventure is complete, the children and their gifts are taken to the Greyhound Park to visit with Santa and participate in a host of holiday festivities. The Greyhound facility is graciously donated free of charge for this event.

While the children are meeting with Santa and eating lunch, volunteers wrap their presents and prepare a large food basket, which include all the fixings for a traditional holiday meal, for the child and his or her family.  At the end of the afternoon officers and firefighters load children back into their vehicles and deliver them, their gifts, and their food baskets back to their families.

In recent years, the program was able to sponsor approx 100 local children.  This year, with the help of The Taylor Strong Project we hope to help double or exceed that number.

This program has helped to foster healthy, positive relationships between kids and law enforcement throughout the region.