About Us

Talyor Parkins Legacy

Little did she know she was building her own legacy.

The lives that Taylor touched in her 20 short years here on earth is remarkable and should be celebrated. She had a love for our Country and those that serve our country. She highly respected our Military, Veterans and First Responders, and was in the process of paving the way for her own career in geriatrics and nursing when she passed.

In celebration of an amazing Patriot, The Taylor Strong Project was formed.  We are committed to making a difference and giving back to our Nation’s finest Heroes and Honorable.

About Taylor Strong Project

The Taylor Strong Project is designed to give back to the Veteran and First Responder Community through donation, financial assistance, and special events. But most importantly, The Taylor Strong Project’s focus is on educating the millennial generation on the history and values that America was built.

As a “non-political” project, we want the next generation (Millennials) to learn what they may not have been taught nor given the opportunity to learn.

We support the Veteran First Responder community, teaching respect for those that protect our people and our freedoms. We were surprised to learn that there was hardly anything like this out there for our Patriotic Youth, and want this generation to understand it’s okay to love America and the traditions and history that formed the greatest country in the world.

Honor - HONOR

To HONOR and support those who protect our nation and her people.


To INSPIRE patriotism, service, and the passion to give back to those that serve.


To INFORM the next generation of leaders the importance of our country’s future and the values and traditions in which we were build upon.

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